GoEs - TheWood

Hardwood. Hard work. Hard love.

To crate magic, we need a magician, a spell, and some wood. The products we present depend largely on the designer’s vision. That is why we strive to work with designers who love and appreciate wood. Our goal is to develop products that are themselves innovations in wood and furniture that offers answers to complex questions of modern life. We want our products to be "little wonders", to be there for a reason, in addition to hundreds of other wooden products that already exist.

GoEs works with hardwood wood species such as European and American walnut as well as oak and ash. Each tree is proudly sourced from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody certified forests (FSC-C121961).


Ash is one of the most durable European tree species. It is visually gentle and bright, long-lived, tactilely smooth, and warm, but technically very solid and extremely flexible. It differs from other hardwoods in that it absorbs shocks very well. It owes these properties to naturally "laminated" thick and firm rings that have grown in summer, and rarer and lighter rings that grow in spring. Ash is suitable for bending and for achieving a very firm and smooth surface of the board.


Oak is one of the most used types of wood and is used for a variety of purposes. It is a very strong, solid, and hard wood. Suitable for various finishes, including bending. In terms of aesthetics, it has a recognisable beige colour and structure of rings, characteristic cross-sections, and a rather rough surface. Oak is exceptional due to its strong water resistance and the presence of tannins that are used for preservation. It is used for making barrels for lying and storing alcoholic beverages, tanning leather, and making wooden structures in water.


Walnut is a noble-looking, very strong fruit tree. It is easy to process and suitable for bending. Its decorative properties - wavy and playful rings, naturally varying chocolate tones, and a smooth surface attract attention. Walnut is a status symbol. It is often used in the interiors of luxury cars and other means of transport. Walnut has traditionally been used to make high-quality carpentry, furniture, decorative veneers, weapon handles and other fine objects.