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Ado Avdagić

Ado Avdagić

Ado Avdagić, the founder of multidisciplinary design studio ‘Avado’ established in 2008 works on various projects ranging from furniture, lighting, interiors and creative direction. His design process is plan-driven. He contemplates the relationship between a human, nature and form in space generating functional, ergonomic and aesthetically convincing solutions that resist time. He believes that natural design principles should be knitted with innovative technology that may ultimately be used to create a better world.

Ado’s products are highly regarded and he has won awards for his designs internationally. Ado has exhibited at all the major international fairs including the XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition and Venice Design. His products have been featured in leading design magazines.


Nataša Perković

Nataša Perković

Nataša Perković is a product designer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She aims to fuse aesthetic value with innovation and commerce. This is Nataša’s way of inspiring people to enjoy her design sensibilities for many years to come.

Nataša lectures at the Department of Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Currently on a semester's study leave, she operates from the Design Lab at the Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan.


Mikko Laakkonen

Mikko Laakkonen

Mikko Laakkonen was born in Espoo in 1974. After graduating as a musical instrument maker, he studied furniture design at Ky­menlaakso University of Applied Sciences, and later received his Masters degree from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. After working in design and architecture firms for several years, Mikko founded Studio Mikko Laakkonen in 2004.

The Studio offers product design services, with the main focus on everyday items. Mikko’s designs have been on display in several exhibitions around Europe, the United States, China and Japan.

He has been awarded the number of international and national prizes.

Today, Studio Laakkonen works with a variety of brands and clients from all around the world.